A free resource on disability & the bible

The Student Christian Movement of Canada, a radical left-wing, political and inclusive organization of young christians, wants to think through disability, and wants to encourage Christians to do so too. So when they asked if I would help them create a resource on disability and the bible, I was only too happy to do so.

Click here to download a free copy of the booklet (some assembly required). It has seven days worth of short bible studies and discussion questions on disability and ableism. It is a great resource for church leaders looking for a theme or creating a bible study, or for groups who want to think about how their churches can be more accessible.  I think it is worth doing on your own, too, if you just want to think about the questions or journal on them. If you are using it, I’d love to hear about how.

The SCM also has a number of similar resources on different themes, including migrant justice, feminism, and peace and nonviolence. You can check them out here.

Happy reading!